Friday, December 12, 2008

Trees Community - The Christ Tree [1974]

Imagine Ken Kesey's merry group of fuckups getting hijacked on the freeway by Gideons with LSD-blotter papered Bibles and have them record an album and this is what you'd get. This is one of the 70s biggest psych/folk gems, whether you're a Bible beater or a Bible reader beater like myself. There is so much here to enjoy and a lot of it is downright beautiful. The arrangements are godlike (heheh) and the lyrics can be appreciated on more than one (read: Christian) level. For anyone saying Christianity hasn't done anything good in the music world I'll point them to Trouble, and then this group. If you get down with Joanna Newsom, Feathers, Maher Shalal or the like, you really need this. Get this.

Genre: Psych/Folk
Label: Dark Holler
Country: USA
Bitrate: 320k
Length: 37:42
Merry Xmas

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