Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Les Rallizes Denudes - Mizutani [1991]

Here's one of the first official CD releases from LRD, recorded live in '70 and unearthed decades later, this is the lo-fi experience of delay and fuzz from a garage somewhere in Japan. "Otherwise Fallin' In Love With", the last track, is probably the most well known of this, and was recorded at a later date (discogs says '73) and goes by another name, "Romance of the Black Grief". This is one of R'N'Rs most overlooked groups of the 70s and if you don't know them, I suggest you read up. Mizutani Takashi is probably my favorite guitarist. By the time this album came out officially Kevin Shields was already borrowing from this guy and hipsters everywhere were proclaiming genius.

Genre: Psych/Noise
Label: Rivista
Country: Japan
Bitrate: 128k

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nagisa ni te - The Same as a Flower [2004]

More sweeping acid folk from the land of the rising-san, this boyfriend-girlfriend couple do things up right with clear acoustics, fuzzy wah freakouts and typical hippie vocals. The band leader runs the label, which has also put out shit from Maher Shalal Hash Baz (which I don't like, but whatever). This will make you think of summer days and hallucinogenic drugs. You can't ask for more.

Genre: Acid Folk
Label: Org
Country: Japan
Bitrate: 192k

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hallucinogen - In Dub [2002]

I'm one to scoff at remix albums but holy FUCK - this is just amazing.

I had forgotten this was laying around on the hard drive. Within around 15 minutes (which barely covers the first track), I was hooked. This is everything awesome about Hallucinogen (who if you don't know, you fucking should) with everything "dubbed up" on MDMA and Red Bull by producer Ott. He's chosen six Hallucinogen favorites, amped up the bass and phasing and seemingly had them injected into Scratch Perry's amygdala. There is just so much going on here. And with six tracks going an hour you'd figure he'd wear out his welcome, but I'll be damned if I ain't gonna search out this dudes solo work (as well as the other Posford remixes he's done (one with Shpongle!)) and see if I can't get more info on him (the wiki is barebones, yo). This will have you craving for more.

And you'd think "LSD", being a staple for the entire goa scene, could NEVER be outdone or remade in any respectable way. Well fucking download this and tell me I'm wrong.

Genre: Dub/Goa/Psytrance
Label: Twisted
Country: England
Bitrate: 320k
Length: 59:49
Part 1 - Part 2

Hanatarash - 3 [1992]

Hanatarash is best known for being Yamatsuka Eye's original snot-nosed disturbers of the peace before he started the most important band in the world. This is their third release and contains all of the unintelligible screaming, tape loops, warped instruments, power tools and feedback you could want. Most of this shit makes Boredoms sound like an all virginal female twee pop band from Scotland. Makes Merzbow look kinda tame by comparison, too.

Genre: Noise
Label: RRRecords
Country: Japan
Bitrate: 128k
Length: 46:18

Monday, December 15, 2008

Acid Mothers Temple - The Day Before the Sky Fell In America [2003]

Here's a somewhat overlooked and really great live recording from Kawabata & co. most often known as the '06 release with the Amon Düül-like cover. This is the same recording under the original Eclipse label and showcases no "speed-guru" rock-outs but only a single, droning improvised jam. This was also before Cotton Casino left for a solo career (did that even happen?) and was recorded during their tour for La Novia. So if you liked that release at all you really fucking need to hear this. The main Novia theme is heard at the beginning of the second track. I prefer the first side better but theres a lot going on here for any AMT fan. Alongside Crystal Rainbow Pyramid this is my favorite AMT release.

Genre: Psych
Label: Eclipse
Country: Japan
Bitrate: ~256k
Length: 41:23

Friday, December 12, 2008

disembowelment - Transcendence Into the Peripheral [1994]

Here's a famous Relapse release most everyone is familiar with by now with its 3xLP/2xCD re-release a few years back. Just to reiterate, this is essential listening for anyone into doom, funeral doom, black metal and grind. Just listen to the first 40 seconds or so and you should know immediately what the fuck is up. Further listening reveals long dirges, bits of ambiance and shattering blastbeats, sometimes all within the same track (the first two tracks being an example). That moment at 8:15 on "The Tree of Life and Death" has to be one of my favorite moments in metal. I could talk forever about why this album is amazing but its all been said before, probably by people who can say better than I. For a band that never had but a handful of recordings and never played one show, it's staggering. It's essential.

Genre: Funeral Doom/Grind
Label: Relapse
Country: Australia
Bitrate: 192k
Length: 59:37

Trees Community - The Christ Tree [1974]

Imagine Ken Kesey's merry group of fuckups getting hijacked on the freeway by Gideons with LSD-blotter papered Bibles and have them record an album and this is what you'd get. This is one of the 70s biggest psych/folk gems, whether you're a Bible beater or a Bible reader beater like myself. There is so much here to enjoy and a lot of it is downright beautiful. The arrangements are godlike (heheh) and the lyrics can be appreciated on more than one (read: Christian) level. For anyone saying Christianity hasn't done anything good in the music world I'll point them to Trouble, and then this group. If you get down with Joanna Newsom, Feathers, Maher Shalal or the like, you really need this. Get this.

Genre: Psych/Folk
Label: Dark Holler
Country: USA
Bitrate: 320k
Length: 37:42
Merry Xmas

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rye Wolves - Oceans of Delicate Rain [2008]

I sure as fuck haven't heard much but a few singles from label Aurora Borealis, but after this dicksucking-balljuicing ride from Rye Wolves I might just have to pay more attention. This is strung out, dirty, tuned-down heavy metal with progressive and doom leanings and vocals in the range of EyeHateGod or some shit. The triggers on the drums are really nice and that snare drum is really reminiscent of Quicksand, though thats probably a horrible comparison. A lot of screaming and Melvins references are found within. The opening track is really great with its intro build and release. There's also a funky little bass/drum break I really like, which presents itself with clean guitar arpeggiating and this can be heard elsewhere on the album too. The two ending tracks are a little too long for their own good. Or are they? Judging an album by its cover is fun, and sometimes reveals a bit into what you're gonna hear. This is an example.

Genre: Doom/Prog/Post Rock/Psych(?)
Lable: Aurora Borealis
Country: USofA
Bitrate: ~320k
Length: 58:30

Damon & Naomi with Ghost [2000]

I've never really given two shits enough about Galaxie 500 to get past anything immediate in their catalog, and I like to think Ghost is only about half as good as some of their fans think they are, but putting these two together has done something. Highlights include "Judah and the Macabees" and "The Mirror Phase", the former really showcasing Ghost guitarist Kurihara's exemplary use of the ebow and the latter being something that would have to make it into the psych/folk jukebox of eternity, should something that awesome ever exist.

Genre: Psych/Folk
Label: Sub Pop
Country: Japan
Bitrate: 256k
Length: 48:14