Monday, December 15, 2008

Acid Mothers Temple - The Day Before the Sky Fell In America [2003]

Here's a somewhat overlooked and really great live recording from Kawabata & co. most often known as the '06 release with the Amon Düül-like cover. This is the same recording under the original Eclipse label and showcases no "speed-guru" rock-outs but only a single, droning improvised jam. This was also before Cotton Casino left for a solo career (did that even happen?) and was recorded during their tour for La Novia. So if you liked that release at all you really fucking need to hear this. The main Novia theme is heard at the beginning of the second track. I prefer the first side better but theres a lot going on here for any AMT fan. Alongside Crystal Rainbow Pyramid this is my favorite AMT release.

Genre: Psych
Label: Eclipse
Country: Japan
Bitrate: ~256k
Length: 41:23

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