Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rye Wolves - Oceans of Delicate Rain [2008]

I sure as fuck haven't heard much but a few singles from label Aurora Borealis, but after this dicksucking-balljuicing ride from Rye Wolves I might just have to pay more attention. This is strung out, dirty, tuned-down heavy metal with progressive and doom leanings and vocals in the range of EyeHateGod or some shit. The triggers on the drums are really nice and that snare drum is really reminiscent of Quicksand, though thats probably a horrible comparison. A lot of screaming and Melvins references are found within. The opening track is really great with its intro build and release. There's also a funky little bass/drum break I really like, which presents itself with clean guitar arpeggiating and this can be heard elsewhere on the album too. The two ending tracks are a little too long for their own good. Or are they? Judging an album by its cover is fun, and sometimes reveals a bit into what you're gonna hear. This is an example.

Genre: Doom/Prog/Post Rock/Psych(?)
Lable: Aurora Borealis
Country: USofA
Bitrate: ~320k
Length: 58:30

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