Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eternal Elysium - Spiritualized D [2000]

This is a masterpiece. Being both a Japanophile and huge doom nut, I'm fucking surprised I didn't know about this band's greatness until just recently. They are my new favorite band because of this record. I have their whole recorded output but nothing really comes close to what this album does. It blends psychedelic melodies with fuzzed out, doom-laden riffs and emotive, strong vox. "Floating Downer", "Splended Selfish Woman" and "What a Diff'rence a Day Makes" are instant classics if any contemporary doom is. The album's absolute best moment is on the short "Trick or Steal" where, at the one minute mark, the smoke lifts for a moment and takes a backseat to a lovely psyched-out melody with a huge, beefy bassline, reminiscent of the more well known Japanese psych masters. This is great! You must have this.

Genre: Doom/Psych
Label: Meteor City
Country: Japan
Bitrate: 320k