Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Citay — Little Kingdom [2007]

Recent psych masterpiece. If you play guitar (or have any interest whatsoever in guitar-driven rock music) then this IS for you. There are like 80 good riffs per side; I have this on CD, LP and on my fucking computer and I listen to it all the time. Their first release is good, but this is ... well, it just is. Complex layering, multiple delays, synths, 12-strings, and all of what Zeppelin would've been if they'd embraced their feminine side completely.

Genre: Contemporary psych
Label: Dead Oceans
Origin: San Fran, USA
Bitrate: 192k


  1. What makes you think it is okay to post these albums for free? You are screwing all the labels when you do this. In case you don't check your older posts, please take down your donwload of the Uchu reissue. I am asking you first before I go through google. So this is our Cease and Desist. I am positive if the folks at dead oceans saw this you would get the same response.

    Not Cool at all.


  2. Really, I'm screwing the labels by letting three or four unknown Joe's download an album? If anything I think it helps the little guys; gets their name out & sells records. And I own the UCHU re-release, I did not download it. Regardless, it has been removed. Say something positive next time!