Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tech N9ne — T9X (song)

I won't be posting much rap here. This is mainly for psychedelic recordings as stated, but this track has a little bit of that and I've really been feeling it lately. Noticing that the guy isn't covering any new ground here is simple, but the presentation is enough to warrant it a post. The album this is from (Absolute Power) is definitely hit or miss (and has a Falco sample), but the drum line here should immediately trip you out. Also pay attention to how they screw his vocals down a bit in the mix, something I wish he'd experiment w/ more often. Screwed/Chopped music is a bit psychedelic in its own codeine-induced way, so you may hear more of that in the future. Anyways, enjoy.

Fall into a spell way deeper than hell. . .

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